Access your AWS data as a single-file downloadable archive.

Archive and Secure Your S3 Buckets: With bucketarchiver create a downloadable compressed copy of your data. Archiving seamless, efficient, and accessible.

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Serverless workflows you need to manage S3 bucket archival as .tar.gz files.

Advantages at a Glance


All operations remain within your AWS account, ensuring data privacy, security and compliance. You own and control your data.

Easy to get Started

Deploy within minutes using AWS CloudFormation template. No manual setup hassles.

Parallel and Efficient Implementation

Engineered for speed and efficiency. Our parallel compression utilizes multiple cores, ensuring fast and reliable tar.gz archive creation.

Scheduled and one time Jobs

Flexible Execution Modes: **On demand** Execution: Launch the archiving process whenever you need it. Scheduled Execution: Set regular intervals (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly) to schedule the archiving process.

Maintenace Free

No manual intervention needed. Serverless orchestration for minimal operational efforts. Bucketarchiver's compute component is self-updating, meaning you're always running the latest, most secure version without the need for patches or updates.

Ephemeral Resource Utilization

Only uses AWS resources while active, minimizing costs and resource footprint.

Notification and Integration

Get notified on success and failures using email, Teams/Slack or integrate with other workflows using SNS.

User Interface and API

Powered by AWS Step Functions, our state machine interface provides a clear, user and automation friendly way to manage and monitor the archiving process.

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“Getting started with bucketarchiver was incredibly easy. Their user-friendly setup is a game-changer.”

Michael S.

“bucketarchiver's efficiency is impressive. Their parallel implementation has sped up our processes remarkably.”

Sarah W.

“The scheduled job feature of bucketarchiver is a lifesaver. It's drastically improved our productivity.”

Alex M.

“bucketarchiver's monitoring tool is top-tier. The notifications ensure we never miss an update or a security breach.”

Laura K.

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