Here is what we offer

Serverless State-of-the-art Archival Workflows

BucketArchiver utilizes serverless AWS Step Functions to trigger and manage the archival workflows. Leverage all the features of Step Functions state machines such as visually tracking workflow state, success/failure status and execution history.


Efficiency & Cost-Effectiveness using Emphemeral Compute Resources

Ephemeral EC2 instances are spun up only when needed and terminated once their task is complete. This ensures that you are not paying for idle compute resources.The temporary nature of these instances reduces the potential risk due persistent instances. Every invocation starts an fully updated instance, eliminating prolonged exposure.

Maintenance-Free Solution

No need for manual patches or updates for compute resources. BucketArchiver is self-updating, providing a hands-off experience while ensuring you always have the latest and most recent OS patches. No on-going server operations needed.


BucketArchiver offers optional notifications for failure and success. Leverage this to either send email or integrate with ChatOps tools such as MS Teams or Slack.

Email Notification


We support standard integration patterns using Amazon Simple Notification Service, offering you the full flexiblity to integrate BucketArchiver workflows and your infrastructure.


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